Finally, I Can Write This After 11 Years Have Passed

Since 2011, I graduated from high school determined to be independent, find my true self and honestly to be the best I was before. The collage period was a time for me to find my identity, and promise to do anything based on my heart’s desire with a definite attitude. Until finally I often travel alone.

Some people say, I have a hard time adapting. Event thought I’ve been looking for a new community in the field that I want too often to get used to it all. I did that until the end of 2019. I like to socialize with any circle. Meanwhile, I meet too many people who make friends by choosing a caste.

Hi I’m Gemini. I don’t know if the character the say about Gemini is true or not. I can sleep anywhere, and I can feel everything. Maybe it’s not about me having a hard time adapting, but I’m having a hard time doing things that aren’t from the heart.

If I want to talk you, hang out with you, date you, work with you, it’s all done with my pure heart completely. Even when I don’t want to do something from the heart.

To start I’m quite difficult, many things i think about first. About what are the benefits and what are the risks. But once I start, I will do it consistently. Then, some time ago someone asked “How can you be consistent?”. I am consistent because I do everything from the heart from the start.

One day I realized. I’ve been too long and free to all that alone. I know, I’am happy. But it is true what the teory of ancient philosophy says.

The more free I am, the more lonely I feel. I want to continue my dream with my partner. At least doing small things I have a life partner. Friends who support each other. Not restrain. And since the I just thought about getting married.

But lately, I’m quite often difficult to make a decision. Any decision. Am I back in the quarter life crisis???

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